About the Training Programme

Schools are a place of learning, but not just for students. We believe that teachers too, are treasure troves of invaluable lessons derived from classroom experiences every day. We, therefore, aim to unite our team of O & A Level professionals possessing years of such invaluable experience with young and midcareer teachers committed to improving their performance in the classroom and beyond. From plain classroom and time management skills to subject specific guidance regarding syllabus coverage, lectureship, test designs, examination tips and resource materials, our training programme is designed to provide trainees access to the entire world of knowledge around O & A Level teaching. Our training philosophy is simple - every member counts. Thus, every trainee will be as important a part of the training process as the trainer, making the synergies released from their collective input a feature unique to our training programme.


Salient Features of Our Training Programme

  • It is the first attempt for proper training of O & A Level teachers in Pakistan.
  • Training is not general, rather specific and tailor made for subjects.
  • It is equally suitable for beginners and those with a few years of teaching experience wanting to improve their skills.
  • It is also equally suitable for those who want to make teaching a career and those who want to teach only part time.
  • We have a team of very experienced trainers who are fully aware of the current syllabus and techniques for solving past papers, a number of them having their own publications.
  • The focus will be on relevant subject syllabi, future changes in the syllabus, course coverage and bifurcation, scheme of studies, role play, important questions for forthcoming exam sessions, preparation from exam point of view, and classroom management.
  • Trainers will be from a local environment, so communication will be easy.


About the Director

About the Director A couple of decades ago, KIMS had only been a young man's dream whose drive and ambition set him out at an early age to achieve it. Today, Mr. Muhammad Kamran Malik, the Owner & Principal of Keynesian lnstitute of Management & Sciences (KIMS), takes extreme pride and happiness in seeing many such young professionals emerge from KIMS and assume positions of responsibility in their respective fields. He is also proud of his team of teaching and administrative staff without the constant support and untiring efforts of whom he would not have been able to drive KIMS towards excellence and achieve his dream of a successful educational institute.

In addition to being a renowned A Level Economics and Business Studies teacher for over two decades now, Mr. Malik has served as a visiting faculty member at the Department of Management Sciences, Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology (FAST), a leading university in Pakistan.

Mr. Malik has also had the honour of remaining a member of the Cambridge Advisory Council for three years. Being well-acquainted with Cambridge qualifications, he has conducted several training workshops for Economics and Business Studies, which often highlighted to him the need for similar activities for other CIE subjects. Our training programme, therefore, is his brainchild, carefully devised to benefit young and midcareer teachers for various O & A Level subjects in light of their seniors’ rich experiences.


Subjects & Trainers

Accounting: M. Nauman Malik                            Biology: Zafar Sulehri

Business Studies: M. Kamran Malik                   Chemistry: M. Shahbaz Ahmed

Computer Science: Navid Saqib                        Economics: Imran Latif

English Language: Humayun A. Karim              Islamiyat & Pakistan Studies: Aliya Azhar

Mathematics: Munir Ahmed Khan                       Physics: Abdul Hakeem               


Training Schedule (Sunday, June 14, 2015)


Registration:             09:00 am to 09:30 am

1st Session:              09:30 am to 10:45 am

Tea Break:                10:45 am to 11:15 am

2nd Session:              11:15 am to 01:15 pm

Lunch:                      01:15 pm to 02:00 pm

Final Session:            02:00 pm to 03:15 pm


About the Trainers 

  • Muhammad Kamran Malik has been teaching Economies and Business Studies since 1993. He has conducted several training workshops during his professional career and is the Master Trainer for this training programme. His annual career counseling seminar for O & A Level students (hosted by KIMS) is an extremely popular event, attended by counselors, teachers, Head Teachers, students and parents from all across Lahore.


  • Muhammad Nauman Malik has been teaching Accounting since 1991, and is currently teaching at KIMS. He has authored 9 books on Accounting, which are being used as textbooks in many schools of Pakistan. His qualifications include MS Accounting, MBA, ACMA, DCMA, PIPFA, and B.Com. (Gold Medalist).


  • Zafar Sulehri has been a teacher of Biology since 1997. He is currently teaching at LGS, Beaconhouse, City School and SICAS. He is an M.Sc in Biology.


  • Navid Saqib has been a teacher of Computer Science since 1994. He is currently teaching at LGS, Beaconhouse, City School, SICAS and KIMS. His qualifications include MCS, MBA and M.Sc. Economics.


  • Muhammad Shahbaz Ahmed has been teaching Chemistry since 1990, and is currently teaching at LGS and Beaconhouse School System. His qualifications include M.Sc Chemistry and Post-Graduation from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, U.K. He has also worked as a headmaster in The City School A Level Campus and as a teacher trainer for 3 years.


  • lmran Latif, a leading name in Economics coaching, has been teaching since 2002. He is presently teaching at KIMS, LGS, SICAS, BDC, Garrison and City School. He possesses a Masters degree in Economics & Mass Communication.


  • Humayun Abdul Karim has been teaching English since 1992. He is currently teaching at KIMS. He holds Masters degrees in Philosophy and English.


  • Munir Ahmed Khan, holding a Masters degree in Mathematics, has been teaching since 1991, and is currently teaching at The Lahore Alma and SICAS. Four of his students have secured world distinctions in his subject.


  • Abdul Hakeem has been teaching Physics since 1989. He is currently teaching at LGS, Beaconhouse, Lahore Alma and Garrison School. He holds a Masters Degree in Physics. As a teacher trainer, he has conducted several training workshops in different cities. His notes, exercise books and flash cards are very popular among O and A Level students.


  • Aliya Azhar has been teaching Islamiyat and Pakistan Studies since 1990, and is presently teaching at LGS, The Lahore Alma and Learning Alliance. She has ten publications to her name for the subjects of Geography, History and Islamiyat. She has also worked with Agha Khan Board, both as an examiner and an item writer.



Fee per subject: Rs. 5,000/-


Refund Policy

The booking will be transferrable or 50% of the amount refunded in case of cancellation at least 3 days before the conference. There will be no refund or transfer after that.


What the Training Package lncludes

  • A certificate on the completion of the training
  • Lunch and Hi Tea
  • Training Material
  • Resource Material


Who can benefit from this Training Programme?

  • Those graduating in the subject/s they are getting training for
  • Those thinking about teaching or those who have been teaching for a while
  • Additional session for beginners (who have not taught before)



  • KIMS reserves the right to make amendments in the Training Programme. However, any change will be communicated to the registrants/trainees beforehand.


How to Register 

  • Obtain a copy of the form, either by visiting our campus or download it from the link provided at the bottom of the page. 



Our Office and Workshop Venue

KIMS, 6-A, Ali Block, Main Road New Garden Town (Near Kalma Chowk), Lahore

Cell: 0303 444 3804, Ph: 042 3584 5661-2, Fax: 042 3584 5663

Email: admin@kims.edu.pk

Website: www.kims.edu.pk



Download Registration Form

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