Fee Structure (2018-19)



Grade VII & VIII

Admission Fee (payable once)


Security Deposit (refundable)


Annual Tuition Fee


Annual Allied Charges



Note: The fee is payable in 3 instalments. Requests to increase the number of instalments should be submitted to the Accounts Office.

Payment of Fees

  1. All dues are to be paid triannually in advance, the due dates being 05 Sep, 05 Jan and 05 April.
  2. Fee for the full month is charged irrespective of the date of admission.
  3. Fees must only be deposited at the banks specified on the Fee Challan or at the Account Office at KIMS. Payments through cross cheques are acceptable and should be in favour of KIMS.
  4. As a matter of policy, no exemptions and/or exceptions are allowed on a fine imposed on late payment. The late fee fine has been fixed at Rs. 100/- per working day excluding the due date and the date of actual payment.
  5. Academic scholarships up to 100% of the tuition fee are awarded to A Level students on the basis of their O Level results.
  6. Fee bills are usually sent to parents through students before the due date. Information to this effect is also provided to parents through our SMS Alert System (SAS) . However, depositing the fee on time is the sole responsibility of parents.
  7. A concession of 10% of the tuition fee will be granted to each sibling concurrently studying at KIMS. To avail this concession, necessary details must be stated in the space provided in the Application Form. However, if a sibling is also entitled to an academic scholarship, only one of the two benefits will be allowed. No student will be entitled to more than one concession at a time.
  8. Fees are subject to an increase of around 15% every year.
  9. If a child is absent (without a formal sanction of leave) for more than 21 days, he/she will be deemed to have left the school and will be required to repeat the admission procedure in order to regain admission in KIMS.
  10. In case of withdrawal of a student from the school, one month's written notice or one month's fee in lieu thereof (including other charges) shall have to be paid.
  11. Students of OII and AII deciding to leave the school after 1st March and students whose CI exam entries are routed through KIMS shall have to clear any outstanding annual dues. Students of OI and AI promoted to second year will also have to pay fee for September onwards.
  12. If levied, taxes such as VAT will be charged according to the government policy.
  13. The Security Deposit will be refunded  and/or School Leaving Certificate issued only if:
  • all school dues have been cleared
  • the school has received the withdrawal notice as mentioned earlier on this page
  • the refund is claimed within a year of the date of withdrawal from the school

     14. Any fees already paid will not be refunded.


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