The Standing of KIMS

Established in 1993, Keynesian Institute of Management & Sciences (KIMS) speedily progressed to gain recognition as a bona fide school by London University (Edexcel) in 1995 and an 'Approved Education Centre' by Cambridge International (CI) in 1998. KIMS takes great pride in holding extremely cordial relations with these examination boards on a growing basis. It has enjoyed the status of a Cambridge International Fellowship Centre since October 2007, accompanied by numerous benefits including the opportunity to nominate two of its students for the annual International Fellowship Scholarship awarding £3,000 over a period of three years for higher education. Additionally, its Principal, Mr. Muhammad Kamran Malik, has had the honour and privilege of remaining a CI Advisory Council member for two years. Such developments have always helped KIMS further strengthen its ties with CI.


Our Parent Organizations

Cambridge International (CI)

British Council

Students and parents can access the following websites to seek first hand information on examination date sheets, syllabi and other academic resources:


Our Philosophy

We believe that every student is capable of reaching great academic heights if teachers and parents provide him/her with the opportunity, confidence and right guidance. Teachers, however, play the dominant role in helping students reach the pinnacle of knowledge and preparing them for the competition that lies ahead in life. This is why KIMS takes great pride in introducing its family of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers. We undertake every possible effort to bring about improvements in not only the performance of our students but also our teachers by arranging various workshops and training programmes for them. Our aim is to prepare students for some of the most prestigious universities worldwide and the most lucrative careers in life. At the same time, we believe that the secret of quality education extends beyond the field of academics; it involves developing a host of personality traits that make a complete, responsible citizen. We, therefore, offer a variety of extracurricular activities that groom our young individuals and help them emerge with well rounded personalities.

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