Start of Classes

Gr. 8, OII & AII: 07 Aug '18

Gr. 7, OI & AI: 04 Sep '18




Message for old students of KIMS:

KIMS has completed 25 years, an occasion we wish to mark by remembering all our old students. If you have any pictures or videos of your time at KIMS, do share them with me at and join your fellow Keynesians in becoming a part of our silver jubilee celebrations. Looking forward, Kamran Malik



KIMS High Achievers Ceremony 2017

We congratulate our teachers and high achievers on an outstanding O/A Level result this year. To celebrate it, KIMS arranged a prize distribution ceremony followed by dinner on Saturday, 19 August, 2017 which was attended by our high achievers, their parents and grandparents, teachers & staff members of KIMS.



Upholding its tradition of guiding students and their parents,

KIMS will be holding a very useful and informative


on Subject Selection for O & A Level

on 18th August, 2018 (Saturday) at 6:30 pm

at Mughal-e-Azam Fort, Opp. Barkat Market, Garden Town, Lahore


      The seminar will focus on the following frequently asked questions:

  • F.Sc, A Level or IB diploma?
  • If I wish to study engineering later on, is A Level Chemistry a must for me?
  • If I haven’t studied Economics and Accounting at O Level, will studying these subjects at A Level become challenging for me?
  • I’ve heard that studying Mathematics at A Level is more useful than studying Accounting if I have to pursue a career in the latter. How can that be true?   
  • Is Business credited half when studied with Accounting or Economics?
  • If I wish to become a computer engineer, is A Level Physics a compulsory subject for me?
  • I want to become a Physician (doctor) but I’ve heard students with O/A Level qualification are at a disadvantage compared to those with F.Sc. when obtaining admission in medical colleges. Is that true?
  • What is IBCC’s formula of conversion for preparing Equivalences and how does it affect my chances of admission in colleges after A Level?
  • Should I be studying additional subjects at O/A Level? If yes, which additional subjects should I choose?
  • Will A Level Mathematics be very difficult for me if I haven’t studied Additional Mathematics at O Level?
  • I do not have an aptitude for Mathematics. Do I afford dropping the subject?
  • Should students study Mathematics with Biology at A Level?
  • What is the importance of Additional Mathematics at O Level and Further Mathematics at A Level? Could it be one of my major subjects?
  • What is Percentage Uniform Marks (PUM)? Why was it introduced and withdrawn soon after? Why doesn’t my certificate show percentage marks?
  • How is A Level AICT different from A Level Computer Science? Which one should I prefer?
  • What is the trend in subject selection at O/A Level? Which is a more popular subject combination - Sciences or Commerce? 
  • I've heard people say that A grades have become much easier to score at O & A Level, that's why many people score straight As. Is there any truth in the statement?
  • What is AS Level and what are its benefits? Should I take AS exams?
  • What is the most suitable combination of subjects for me at O/A Level?
  • What are the recommended study hours for O & A Level by CIE?
  • Why are we continuing with O Level when it has been abolished in the UK?
  • Can O level be completed satisfactorily in 2 years?


The attendance at last year's seminar was extraordinary and extremely positive feedback was received from parents and students who attended it.


Second Annual O Level Teacher Training Workshop at KIMS


We are thankful to individual trainees and schools for being the reason for the overwhelming success of second annual O Level Teacher Training Workshop at KIMS which was held on June 14, 2015.

Click here to view more photographs of the Teacher Training Workshop.


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