KIMS High Achievers Ceremony 2017

We congratulate our teachers and high achievers on an outstanding O/A Level result this year. To celebrate it, KIMS arranged a prize distribution ceremony followed by dinner on Saturday, 19 August, 2017 which was attended by our high achievers, their parents and grandparents, teachers & staff members of KIMS.



Upholding its tradition of guiding students and their parents,

KIMS held a very useful and informative


on Subject Selection for O & A Level

on 12th August, 2017 (Saturday) at 6:30 pm

at Mughal-e-Azam Fort, Opp. Barkat Market, Garden Town, Lahore


      The seminar focused on the following frequently asked questions:

  • F.Sc, A Level or IB diploma?
  • If I wish to study engineering later on, is A Level Chemistry a must for me?
  • If I haven’t studied Economics and Accounting at O Level, will studying these subjects at A Level become challenging for me?
  • I’ve heard that studying Mathematics at A Level is more useful than studying Accounting if I have to pursue a career in the latter. How can that be true?   
  • Is Business credited half when studied with Accounting or Economics?
  • If I wish to become a computer engineer, is A Level Physics a compulsory subject for me?
  • I want to become a Physician (doctor) but I’ve heard students with O/A Level qualification are at a disadvantage compared to those with F.Sc. when obtaining admission in medical colleges. Is that true?
  • What is IBCC’s formula of conversion for preparing Equivalences and how does it affect my chances of admission in colleges after A Level?
  • Should I be studying additional subjects at O/A Level? If yes, which additional subjects should I choose?
  • Will A Level Mathematics be very difficult for me if I haven’t studied Additional Mathematics at O Level?
  • I do not have an aptitude for Mathematics. Do I afford dropping the subject?
  • Should students study Mathematics with Biology at A Level?
  • What is the importance of Additional Mathematics at O Level and Further Mathematics at A Level? Could it be one of my major subjects?
  • What is Percentage Uniform Marks (PUM)? Why was it introduced and withdrawn soon after? Why doesn’t my certificate show percentage marks?
  • How is A Level AICT different from A Level Computer Science? Which one should I prefer?
  • What is the trend in subject selection at O/A Level? Which is a more popular subject combination - Sciences or Commerce? 
  • I've heard people say that A grades have become much easier to score at O & A Level, that's why many people score straight As. Is there any truth in the statement?
  • What is AS Level and what are its benefits? Should I take AS exams?
  • What is the most suitable combination of subjects for me at O/A Level?
  • What are the recommended study hours for O & A Level by CIE?
  • Why are we continuing with O Level when it has been abolished in the UK?
  • Can O level be completed satisfactorily in 2 years?


The attendance at the seminar was extraordinary and extremely positive feedback was received from parents and students who attended it.


Second Annual O Level Teacher Training Workshop at KIMS


We are thankful to individual trainees and schools for being the reason for the overwhelming success of second annual O Level Teacher Training Workshop at KIMS which was held on June 14, 2015.

Click here to view more photographs of the Teacher Training Workshop.


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